Collective Consciousness

In nature, both in air and in water, there are recurring phenomena that could teach us human beings many things about ourselves.

Huge flocks of birds and butterflies, and huge quantities of fish from different families unite into one sole entity. They all move as one to the sound of the will of thousands, and viceversa. In this way they drive away the ogres, and share their warmth with their kind.

But who leads this dance? Several teams of scientists have studied this for years, and although they pose some seemingly plausible hypotheses, all of these scholars agree that f as far as they know for the time being, they understand nothing about it. Yet one thing seems clear: There is a leader, and that leader is made up of the entire group. It seems that there is a collective consciousness, a movement in unison, a rhythmic chant that does not miss a note, which surprises everyone, and  that becomes more and more beautiful the more individuals join the choir.

This is just the phenomenon that I want to address with these sculptures. I simply try to reproduce these groups, joining the fish, the birds or the butterflies one by one, as if  reciting a mantra, as if by repeating a single gesture many times over, the truth might appear all of a sudden and show us something.

Nicolas Camino



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